The Pearly Shells


Pearly’s Hot 5 @ Waterfront, Port Melbourne Fridays

  • Date: October 27, 2017
  • Time: 20:30
  • Location: 1 Station Pier, Port Melbourne
  • Venue: Pearly's Hot 5 @ Waterfront, Port Melbourne Fridays

We have been looking for a while for a regular gig for the Hot 5 that has a good dance floor in a great  room, preferably by the water and we think we might have found it! And it’s on a Friday night and free! ( for the first month anyway)
Please come down Fri 27th Oct to the opening night of our new gig at Waterfront Port Melbourne  on the pier (actually over the water!) when our special guest will be Yvette Johansson. Check it out. Will be good!