The Pearly Shells

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The Pearly Shells (self titled)

Pearly Shells

  • Label: Black market music
  • Release: 01 Jun, 1999

The Pearlys self titled debut is a sprawling landscape of mostly original big band music and songs penned by Steve Purcell for the newly formed band and arranged by trumpeter Vinnie Bourke and Steve himself. A hit with the critics, still available from the band direct.

“Sensuous and cinematic, a kind of bluesy swing with a smoky noir vibe”
The Melbourne Times

  • Amsterdan Nights

  • St Kilda Sunset

  • Russian Lullaby

Full track listing

  1. Ferris Wheel
  2. Amsterdam Nights
  3. P.S.Theme
  4. Baby, Lets get out each others Hair
  5. St Kilda Sunset
  6. Under the Guise
  7. Real Love Theme
  8. Marise
  9. Russian Lullaby
  10. Two’s Company
  11. Vondel Park
  12. Let’s let the Music do the Talking