The Pearly Shells

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  • Label: Belmar Records
  • Release: 01 May, 2009

Recorded mostly live at Belmar studio, the tracks have that warm organic sound enthusiasts would know from the classic period of the 40’s and 50’s. Just to make sure, they ran everything through an old Kriesler valve radio gram when it was finished.
“Its on CD, but we wanted to make it sound like you’re listening to vinyl”
Guests include Julie O’Hara , Kerri Simpson and Emma Franz.

“The Pearly Shells trade in a currency of exciting aural grooves”
Beat Magazine

  • All the cats jump in

  • Belmar Blues

  • Got the sun shining on me

  1. All the cats jump in
  2. Yodelling Blues
  3. Got the sun shining on me
  4. Richest guy in the graveyard
  5. Belmar Blues
  6. Bourbon and a beer back
  7. Satisfy my soul
  8. Air on a shoe string
  9. 5 O’clock whistle
  10. Jumpin Blues
  11. Blue Skies