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Small Bands

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  • Label: Moovin groove
  • Release: 01 Aug, 2002

Recorded in glorious mono at Graham Thomas’s legendary Preston Records on vintage 50s equipment, “Small Bands” has proved to be one of our most popular discs with DJs and the fans alike. Features guest spots by the Baylor brothers on guitar and “Godfather” Harold Frith on drums.

  • Atomic Cocktail

  • Rugcutter

  • Bona sera

  1. Rugcutter
  2. P.S. Theme
  3. Atomic Cocktail
  4. On the Street where you Live
  5. Lady be Good
  6. Gee Baby
  7. Them there Eyes
  8. I found a New Baby
  9. Hit that Jive Jack
  10. If you can’t Smile
  11. Lock my Heart
  12. Bare Necessities
  13. River Road
  14. Buona Sera